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Why Choose Corris Law?

For more than 40 years, Attorney Robert Corris has aggressively represented clients throughout Southeastern Wisconsin and Madison in business disputes involving non-compete agreements, trade secrets, dealerships and franchisees, fiduciary duties, business contracts and a wide variety of other business law issues. Because of his skill and knowledge as a business litigator, Corris Law has earned a reputation as one of the most respected business litigation firms in the region, and because of his dedication to prompt and personal client service, the firm has earned the admiration of lawyers and clients throughout Milwaukee, Hartland, Waukesha, and surrounding areas, including employers, employees, small businesses and corporations. 


A Skilled and Experienced Business Litigator


Robert Corris has focused much of his practice on representing employees who are sued or threatened with lawsuits by former employers over restrictive covenants, which are commonly called “non-compete agreements.” Corris Law has defeated motions for preliminary injunctions, obtained judgments declaring restrictive covenants to be unenforceable and helped clients to avoid litigation entirely by sending a letter to the employer or its attorneys that explains why the employer’s restrictive covenant cannot be enforced. Corris Law has also successfully defended against actions that employers typically join with restrictive covenant claims, such as computer crimes, misappropriation of trade secrets, civil theft, breach of fiduciary duties or duty of loyalty, identity theft, and conspiracy. Robert Corris has been a leader in using e-discovery to prosecute or defend these claims on behalf of his business litigation clients.

Our Broad Range of Business Litigation Clients

Although Robert Corris typically represents employees in employment litigation, he also represents employers. For instance, because of his well-known success in defeating non-compete agreements, a number of employers have hired him to use his knowledge to re-write their non-competes so they cannot be defeated. Corris Law also has represented manufacturers and distributors in dealer termination cases, employers and employees in injunction hearings to enforce or invalidate non-compete agreements, a government corporation in a failed financial institution litigation, plaintiffs and defendants in fraud and civil racketeering cases, buyers and sellers in commercial litigation actions, partners and shareholders in fiduciary duty cases; banks and customers in bank check and deposit litigation, and owners in construction litigation.


Awards, Publications, and Presentations

For years,Robert Corris has been recognized as one of Wisconsin Super Lawyers® and one of The Best Lawyers in America®. He is listed by Martindale-Hubbell in its Bar Register of Preeminent Attorneys. For approximately 10 years he was co-editor of the American Bar Association’s Business Torts Committee Newsletter. The Business Torts Committee is now known as the Business Torts & Unfair Competition Committee and then as now kept business litigators fully informed on burgeoning issues such as fiduciary duties, fraud, unfair trade practices, tortious interference, trademarks and trade secrets, remedies, and evidence, as well as technological issues in this area.” He was an original co-author of the chapter on Requests for Admission in the State of Bar of Wisconsin’s publication entitled “Discovery Law and Practice.” Thereafter, he proposed and then authored for inclusion in the chapter on Requests for Production, an extended section on electronic discovery that became a separate chapter in later editions.

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He has also participated in numerous panel discussions during these seminars, including on preliminary injunctions, arbitration, and damages.

After graduating from Berkeley Law and practicing for a few years in his hometown of Providence, R.I., he moved to Milwaukee and joined a mid-sized law firm. He had the good fortune to work on a federal court class action antitrust action on behalf of a group of gasoline dealers, where the partner in charge allowed he and other associates to handle the majority of work, including repeated motions for preliminary injunctions to prevent the evictions of dealers, class certification, taking depositions, and, eventually, court approval of a settlement. Their case became the impetus for the passage of the Wisconsin Fair Dealership Law. He represented a number of franchisees in different industries in antitrust and fair dealership cases, and his representation of one franchisee turned into a Civil RICO lawsuit that Bob tried to a jury verdict in his client’s favor, which he believes to have been the first plaintiff’s Civil RICO jury verdict in Wisconsin. He continued successfully representing clients prosecuting or defending Civil RICO cases. He also began representing clients in restrictive covenant and trade secret cases, and successfully defeated numerous motions for temporary restraining orders and preliminary injunctions. His clients have been varied, from larger clients like the Resolution Trust Corporation and a forty-million dollar investor in a greyhound racing track to small clients like an oppressed minority shareholder who over decades had never received dividends, and a defamed attorney.

As a result of his varied experiences, Robert Corris has been writing and lecturing decades before the Trending Topics of Business Litigation, often on subjects such as arbitration, corporate representative depositions, litigation risk analysis, proving lost profits damages, e-discovery, spoliation, restrictive covenants, trade secrets, and the litany of related claims often joined with non-compete and trade secret cases, the Wisconsin Fair Dealership Law, federal and state civil RICO, business torts, and injunction practice and procedure in the state and federal courts.

Contact Us Today

If you have a business law dispute, contact Corris Law today by calling (414) 573-8000, using our contact form or by sending us an e-mail ( Attorney Robert Corris can help you determine the most timely, cost-efficient and effective solution to your business law disputes. We pledge prompt and personal attention to your case and look forward to working with you to solve your business law concerns.

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